Over the years I’ve worked as the director of communications at Central Indiana Community Foundation (2010-2016), as public relations manager for the Arts Council of Indianapolis (2005-2009) and as a freelance journalist/writer and consultant (1995-present). Before that, sales and national/regional marketing.

The work I’ve done throughout my career has been collaborative in nature; my role has varied depending upon the objectives of each project.

Some projects shown here I’ve written, others I’ve led and managed. And many I’ve done some combination of most things in-between. I’ve had the great privilege of working with very talented professionals including designers, ad agencies, production companies and staff.

CICF Portfolio Samples

CICF Anniversary Samples

Hope in Concrete Form (for Corporation for Enterprise Development, CFED)

Freelance Writing Samples



I’ve written, produced and/or led a number of videos for the Arts Council of Indianapolis, CICF and affiliates, WFYI, Eli Lilly and Company and other organizations.

“Under Construction”, a video showcasing a public art installation by artist Jody Hardy, earned an Emmy in 2008.

Sky Blue Window


Sky Blue Window was an online “magazine” devoted to building demand for the arts in central Indiana. It was a project I felt deeply about and was really the result of working for the Arts Council of Indianapolis and also writing a series of interrelated issue briefs on the 10 most “critical issues” facing central Indiana’s future for Central Indiana Community Foundation.

As is often the case, education was a sort of common denominator tying the “issues” together. Arts education has been the victim of plenty of cost-cutting in public education over the years. In order to value something we must understand it, at least a little bit. With diminished public education there are fewer and fewer means for people to understand art better and therefore value has diminished, too.

Though I spent several years and a kajillion meetings developing the concept, site and funding, Sky Blue Window was a three-year experiment to see if telling compelling stories about people in the arts — versus simply telling stories about arts — could help establish more value and ultimately more demand.

The site launched in 2013; by the time it unwound in 2016, we had attracted more than 1/4 of a million visitors to it. It’s fair to say the jury is still out regarding Sky Blue’s long term impact.

Sky Blue Kightlinger

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