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Caregivers Dues: Tips for saying thanks to those who care for you

According to a 2015 report, there are 43.5 million caregivers in the United States today, roughly 6 million more people than live in the entire state of California. And according to a recent column by Ed Tobias, caregiving can be a hard and thankless task. You can help change that! November was National Caregivers Month …


Welcome to my website…I’m Mike Knight, an Indianapolis-based marketing/communications consultant and freelance writer, journalist and content developer.

Basically I tell stories. And there’s a lot more to my story, including the subjects, issues, ideas and people I’ve covered via print, video and e- and online content, organizations I’ve worked with, magazines I’ve written for and awards I’ve earned.

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Over the years I’ve worked as the director of communications at Central Indiana Community Foundation (2010-2016), as public relations manager for the Arts Council of Indianapolis (2005-2009) and as a freelance journalist/writer and consultant (1995-present). Before that, sales and national/regional marketing.

The work I’ve done throughout my career has been collaborative in nature; my role has varied depending upon the objectives of each project. Continue reading “Portfolio”

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Marketing communications consulting and writing — From strategic messaging that supports your mission statement, business philosophy and plan down to case studies, success stories, web content and videos, earned media and OpEds, chances are I’ve either done it or can help you develop the plan, resources and approach you need to get it done.

Freelance writing — These projects are typically on assignment; I’ve written for the Chicago Sun Times, Modern Bride (really!), in-flights, city magazines and weeklies, specialty publications, case studies, success stories (and associated videos too) about everything. Some things twice.

My focus is always on finding the heart of a story and telling it in its most compelling and memorable way; I’m happy to discuss projects and rates with you, just give me a shout and we’ll talk.